Double Glazing FAQs


Hopefully we can help you answer some of this double glazing questions to give you confidence in making the right decision for your windows and doors. If you still have questions, please contact us to discuss your needs.


What is FENSA?

FENSA – this is a governing body who oversee the glazing industry. Whoever installs a new window in your home should be accredited to FENSA to provide you with protection and cover if things should go wrong – an insurance backed guarantee.

Can I get self cleaning glass for my house?

Self cleaning glass is now available for the domestic market, so windows  can stay cleaner for longer. This can benefit high storey or difficult to access windows.

What does emissivity mean?

With older S/U a lot more heat is lost through the glass. Modern units  have a special coating on the glass. This is called ‘Low E’ and can reduce your fuel bills by a considerable amount over time.


With regard to the glass sealed units, the bars separating the glass are called spacer bars. These are still made from a metallic material, but you can order and should expect ‘warm edge spacer’ which aids energy efficiency. The older metal ones can make your rooms colder and allow condensation to form inside the glass.