What are patio and french doors?

Patio doors are more often known as sliding doors. Normally there are two doors, one slides and one is fixed. There are other combinations and these can involve three or four doors. These can be uPVC or aluminium in a choice of colours – white, brown, grey and black.

What are common problems that effect patio and french doors?

The most common one is the rollers/wheels they slide on either collapse through wear and tear or seize up due to lack of maintenance. Once the old rollers are replaced for new, your doors can once again expect many years of service.

Another common problem is that the wheels can jump off the track and struggle to slide. This can occur if the doors have been poorly fitted or mistreated in use, perhaps by sliding or slamming the door too hard or fast when opening or closing it.

What type of glass should be used in Patio and French doors?

And finally, the glass in the door. This should always be toughened for safety and meet all regulations in regard to glazed doors. Common issues with these can be a lawnmower or strimmer throwing up a stone or a bird flying into the glass and shattering it. The glass is replaceable and a straight forward job for Window Medic.


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